We helped Kalaakriti, a captivating home decor brand, weave a digital success.

Here’s how we brought their artistry to the forefront:

  • Socially Savvy Marketing: We implemented a comprehensive social media marketing and management strategy for Kalaakriti, engaging audiences on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Through captivating content and targeted interactions, we fostered a vibrant online community around Kalaakriti’s unique design aesthetic.
  • Targeted Advertising for Maximum Impact: Leveraging the power of Facebook and Instagram advertising, we crafted targeted campaigns to reach potential customers actively seeking exquisite home decor. This strategic approach ensured that Kalaakriti’s products were seen by the most relevant audience, driving significant sales growth.
  • A Website Fit for a Masterpiece: We designed and developed a user-friendly website for Kalaakriti, showcasing their stunning product collection in all its glory. Clear product listings and intuitive navigation made it easy for customers to browse and discover their perfect home decor pieces.
  • SEO: Ranking High in the Art World: We implemented a robust on-page and off-page SEO strategy to ensure Kalaakriti’s website ranked high in search engine results for relevant home decor keywords. This helped drive organic traffic and establish Kalaakriti as a leading destination for design enthusiasts.

The Results: A Breathtaking Display of Success

      • INR 12+ Lakh Revenue: Our combined efforts yielded impressive revenue growth exceeding INR 12 Lakhs for Kalaakriti.

      • 4.7x ROAS: We delivered a phenomenal return on ad spend (ROAS) of 4.7x, maximizing the impact of Kalaakriti’s advertising budget.

      • 300+ New Customers: Our marketing strategies successfully attracted over 300 new customers to Kalaakriti’s brand.

      • 5,000+ New Followers on Instagram: Through engaging content and strategic community management, we helped Kalaakriti’s Instagram following soar by over 5,000.

      By partnering with us, Kalaakriti transformed its online presence, reaching a wider audience and establishing its name in the world of home decor.