Strategic Digital Marketing

Strategic Digital Marketing


Scoreplus enlisted our expertise in content marketing, YouTube SEO, and Google Ads to amplify its online presence and drive revenue.

Over the last 35 Years we made an impact that is strong & we have long way to go.

Strategies Implemented

  • Content Marketing Excellence: Crafted compelling and relevant content to engage the target audience, providing value and establishing Scoreplus as an authority in its niche.
  • YouTube SEO Mastery: Implemented advanced YouTube SEO techniques to enhance the visibility of Scoreplus videos, increasing organic reach and attracting a wider audience.
  • Strategic Google Ads Campaigns: Executed targeted Google Ads campaigns to reach potential customers actively seeking educational content.

What We Achieved:

  • 250 Million+ Content Views: The strategic content marketing approach resulted in an impressive 250 million views, expanding Scoreplus’s reach and influence.
  • 1 Million+ Subscribers on YouTube: Leveraged YouTube SEO to boost visibility, attracting a substantial audience and surpassing the 1 million subscriber milestone.
  • 3000+ Paid Students: The targeted Google Ads campaigns successfully converted viewers into paying customers, with over 3000 students enrolled in Scoreplus courses.
  • INR 70 Lakh+ in Revenue: The combined impact of increased visibility, subscriber growth, and successful conversions contributed to substantial revenue growth, exceeding INR 70 lakhs.
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Clients Feedback

“Working with this team has been transformative for Scoreplus. Their expertise in content marketing, YouTube SEO, and Google Ads has significantly elevated our online presence and revenue. We couldn't be more pleased with the results.”
Rekha Bajaj Founder & CEO


Scoreplus’s collaboration with us showcases the power of a holistic digital marketing approach. The impressive content views, subscriber milestones, paid student enrollments, and revenue growth affirm the success of our strategies in positioning Scoreplus as a leader in the education sector.